The Modern Wonder Woman

Most of the time when you think of  Wonder Woman, you think of the lady flying around in a cape with a lasso, saving the world one villain at a time.  When I think of Wonder Woman, I think of my mom.  Why is that, you ask? She is anything and everything all at once, never getting a break.  Before I get ahead of myself though, let me introduce you.

Who is this superhero?

Let me list for you the different roles this woman has played:

  • Christian
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Teacher
  • Friend
  • Nurse
  • Showgirl

The list could go on and on… Teresa has done all of these things, plus some, while being the CEO of her own telecommunications  business.  Some of the companies they do phone work for include: Mercy Medical Center, Smuckers, Cleveland Clinic, retail stores,  and Intercontinental Suites.  This isn’t her first business either! Her and her husband started a business, sold it off, and then decided to start a new one, which they currently are running.  According to Teresa though, she has always been a CEO.

 She thinks that everyone is their own CEO, since we are always marketing ourselves in today’s world. 

It’s a balancing act

Teresa home schooled her two children all the way through to graduation, which meant she had a lot on her plate. She talked about the pluses and struggles that this created. “I was able to be home and available for my family, which was nice. However, being a CEO interfered with schooling my children because it is difficult to be in two places at once.  As a female today, we face struggles that male CEO just don’t have to deal with”.  This is a struggle that the modern woman is facing in a male-driven world.

Would she have changed anything?

The answer to that is no.  She said, given the chance to go back and do things differently, she would not have changed a thing.  Teresa believes that homeschooling children better prepares them for college, because they learn to work independently as well as learning to interact with a diverse group of people.  She also stated that she would not have postponed starting a family just to start her career.

My Superhero

Was it difficult? Yes, but she would not change a thing.  She balances so many things, yet always has time for what is really important. Is she Wonder Women? No, she is better then that.  She is my mom. ❤

Doug and Teresa have two children: Jessica Pitcher and Douglas Pitcher. When they are not running their business, they are snorkeling, cruising, and spending time with their children. They are very adventurous and I am excited to see what they do next!

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