Green Smoothie Cleanse – Day 2!

Alright so I am on day 2 of my green smoothie cleanse and I won’t lie, I am starting to feel the effects of not having caffeine or sugar. I would drink coffee like it was water, and so not having any for 2 days is rough.

How I am feeling so far:

  • tired
  • weak
  • hungry
  • headache
  • accomplished

That’s right, even after just one day, I am feeling accomplished because I did not give in to my cravings at all yesterday, even if it was tough. If you do slip up, there is grace and you have a fresh start the next day.

This was the smoothie for the day. So far I have had my breakfast one and it tasted pretty good!


Here are my three meals for the day…

Here’s to another strong day!


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