Green Smoothie Cleanse Review

Hello friends and followers! I wanted to give you an update on how the cleanse went. Yesterday was the last of the 10-day cleanse and I am feeling much better. This cleanse was 10 days of greens, fruits, detox tea, nuts, and LOTS of water. The first 5-6 days were a little rough, which is … Continue reading Green Smoothie Cleanse Review

Green Smoothie Cleanse – Day 2!

Alright so I am on day 2 of my green smoothie cleanse and I won't lie, I am starting to feel the effects of not having caffeine or sugar. I would drink coffee like it was water, and so not having any for 2 days is rough. How I am feeling so far: tired weak … Continue reading Green Smoothie Cleanse – Day 2!

Green Smoothie Cleanse

We all go through different phases in life, and some are healthier than others. Well this past phase has been rather unhealthy, so I have decided to do a green smoothie cleanse. My mom has done it before and it is well recommended. *Please note that I am not doing this for weight loss, but … Continue reading Green Smoothie Cleanse