We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.

Wednesdays mark the halfway point in our week, and if you anything like me, it is a bittersweet realization.  While it means we are one day closer to the weekend, it also means we have one less day to get things done for this week.  Between the stress of school and work, I feel as if stress is something I can not escape.  However, I  am trying to find some ways to help de-stress myself after a crazy day, and here are some suggestions.

1. Yoga

It might sound silly, but yoga is wonderful! I have recently been going to a class once a week, and I can tell a difference.  It is very relaxing, and it also makes you more flexible, which is a nice benefit.  The class I have been attending is a Holy Yoga class and they teach all different levels, which is nice for beginners like me.  The other plus- my mom is the teacher! 🙂


This is so true!


2. Reading

If you follow my blog, you have learned by now that I love books.  Reading is something I enjoy doing in my spare time, though during the school year it feels as if I have no time for it.  That is why it made the list- make time to sit down and read a book.  Even if it is only a few chapters here or there, sit down and start.  What better way to forget the stress of the day than to escape into a good book?


3. Exercise

Yes, this is different than yoga.  Exercising is not my favorite hobby, however it does feel good to get up and doing something in order to break up a stressful study session.  Whether this means going for a run, learning a new dance, or just doing some jumping jacks and squats, your body will thank you.


Sometimes you just need that extra push.

4. Make a list

And all of the Type A people said AMEN! One of my favorite things to do when  start getting overwhelmed and stressed is to sit down and make a list.  That way, I can get everything I need to do on paper instead of just in my head.  This allows me to prioritize and organize what I need to accomplish. I love my planner, it allows me to make lists AND color code my schedule.  PLUS it has stickers to make planning more fun! Check out an article I wrote about it last year.


5. Eat something

Sometimes when I sit down and try to figure out why I am stressed, I realize I have not taken the time to eat all day! This is not healthy for my body and it causes me to feel sluggish and it does not allow me to be fully productive.  Make sure you are snacking on protein-rich snacks throughout the day such as nuts, Greek yogurt, jerky, and trail mix.  This will give you the energy to power-through the stressful day.


Some jerky sounds good right about now.


I would love to hear some of the ways you are combating the stress in your life! ♥

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